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Shoulder Treatment

ICBC/MVA Treatment Information

ICBC now has an Enhanced Care program that allows you to automatically receive treatment within the first 3 months of an accident, regardless of who is at fault for the accident. With a claim number you can start receiving treatment right away for Physiotherapy, Massage therapy, and More.

Treatments covered by ICBC Enhanced Care


You are given 25 physiotherapy sessions initially. ICBC will cover for the first session and will cover $89.00 per follow-up session.




You are given 12 acupuncture sessions initially. ICBC will cover for the first session and will cover $100.00 per follow-up session.

Registered Massage Therapy

You are given 12 massage therapy sessions initially. ICBC will cover $126.00 ($120 without GST) for the first session and will cover $94.50 (90.00 without GST) per follow-up session. 

Additional Information

Home equipment coverage from ICBC

ICBC in some specific cases will allow for reimbursement of at home exercise and rehabilitative equipment (with recommendation from your therapist). Equipment may include all, some or none of these: massage guns, exercise balls, trigger point release devices, therabands and more.

Extension(s) of treatment based on your specific needs

ICBC will allow for treatment extensions depending on your required treatment plans and your progress to date. For this your therapists will conduct a progress update and submit a progress report for a request of an extension of therapy this is typically done 1-2 weeks before your last week of approved therapy with ICBC providing a response within 1-2 weeks.

Scheduling of your appointments

To maintain continuity of care (ensuring you have consistent appointments week after week) is one of our main priorities in your care. Our administration staff will work hard to ensure you are able to get your appointments  to make sure we can aid you in your recovery process.

Your Customized and Individualized Care Plan

Our registered therapists will do an initial intake appointment with you to go over your health, injury history, and accident to understand your unique situation. From this they will develop your individualized treatment plan to help you in your recovery process. Our administration team will handle your direct billing with ICBC and ensure you have regular treatments as your treatment requires within the program of Enhanced Care of ICBC. 

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